Massacre MOMA New York

Heute Abend ist es soweit: Premiere im MoMA New York.

MoMA presents Massacre: Variations on a Theme, a major new performance commission by Alexandra Bachzetsis. Comprising choreography for three dancers and a musical composition for two pianos, Bachzetsis’s performance positions the female body as a technological form caught between animism and automatism, with a physical and visual vocabulary drawn from tarantism, classic Northern Soul dancing, Dada and Surrealism, and the movements of pioneering figures in dance, including Trisha Brown and Simone Forti.

Concept and choreography: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Performers: Simon Bucher, Mischa Cheung, Yumiko Funaya, Lenio Kaklea, Alma Toaspern
Music composition: Tobias Koch
Collaboration movement: Nuno Bizarro
Costume design: Cosima Gadient
Costume assistant: Yonatan Zohar
Collaboration costume and body painting: Margarita Bofiliou
Costume and body painting assistants: Sofia Simaki, Antria Kyriakidou, Bree Zucker
Lighting design and technique: Patrik Rimann

© 2020 Simon Bucher